The Seinfeld Productivity Secret to Achieve Anything

Whether you’re on a journey to lose weight or build your business (or both), the first day of the week can be an overwhelming (even if in a good way) prospect with projects, deadlines, and social engagements looming.

But if you shift your perspective, Monday is a perfect day for starting new habits and taking the next step towards your goals.

It can be overwhelming to set big goals, and it’s easy to expect them to come to fruition overnight.

It’s effective to set many small intentions, like eating more vegetables, drinking more water, or writing every day. When you break things down into smaller tasks, your to-do list becomes much more manageable.

For example, instead of focusing on your ultimate weight loss goal, break it down into small actions: Drink eight glasses of water every day, eat one green vegetable every day, reduce gluten. Or instead of putting “build new website” on your to-do list, break it down into all the specific steps you need to take, e.g.: Write bio, gather pictures, etc.

Resolve to take small steps every day and you’ll be blown away by how quickly you’ll reach and surpass your goals.

The most important thing when you’re setting goals is somehow holding yourself accountable.

Jerry Seinfeld (yes, THAT Jerry Seinfeld) has a ridiculously simple, yet amazingly effective, solution that only requires a wall calendar and a big red marker.

Simply tack the calendar up on your wall somewhere so it’s visible daily. We suggest using a real calendar, as opposed to a digital one, over your desk or in your kitchen to ensure you’ll see it every day.

Then set a daily task for yourself in pursuit of your goal. Each day you take a small step towards your big goal, you get to place a big X over that day. The action is so satisfying (especially if you use a real wall calendar), you’re sure to get addicted and therefore reach your goal quickly.

After a few days of accomplishing your daily tasks, you’ll have a chain of X’s, and trust me, you’ll love that visual representation of your steady progress – you won’t want to break the chain.

Then, little by little, you’ll achieve your goals!

So what can you get done with the Seinfeld Productivity Secret? Do you think it can help you reach your goals?

Share what you plan on accomplishing in the comments section below!

3 steps to reach your big goal

You have big goals and dreams, and it’s so important to keep them in mind as you go through your daily life. It’s also crucial to take specific, high-leverage action weekly to make them a reality. What’s your biggest goal and/or dream in this moment? Write it down now.

One of the ways you can turn your goals into reality is through the power of visualization. Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like – visualizing exactly what you want and letting yourself feel it through all of your senses. Using visualization to fulfill your desires is far from a new or esoteric concept. Ever fantasize about your upcoming vacation or relive an ecstatic experience from the past? Creating those mental pictures is a natural and powerful element of the human mind – leverage it!

Focusing on what you want increases motivation, self-confidence, and mood. It also leads to behavioral changes that will shorten the time it takes to reach your goals. Visualization has been used in meditation for centuries and has even proven to enhance performance in professional athletes. If it works for Olympic athletes, it’s probably worth a try to see if it works for you.

Ready to test it out? Take these three simple steps now to visualize with intention:

1. Create an image in your mind of what you want. Connect with your innermost desires for true fulfillment and happiness. Be honest with yourself. What do you really want?

2. Be specific. Imagine any physical sensations, scents, sounds, the presence of others, and any other details relevant to your ideal future.

3. Visualize often. It’s best to visualize as you’re falling asleep and when you first wake up in the morning. This helps your body recognize your goals as achievable and second nature.

The following guided meditation will get you started on visualizing your goals, using optimal health and a fulfilling career as examples.

What goal do you want to make a reality through visualization?

Why you need a health coach

It’s 2015 and we have the most advanced medical technology at our fingertips that’s ever been available, so why are so many people still chronically ill?

According to the International Diabetes Federation, there are 387 million people living with diabetes; one in 12 people have diabetes and one in every two affected don’t know they have it. Every seven seconds one person dies from the disease. There were 4.9 million diabetes-related deaths in 2014. To me, these statistics are heartbreaking when considering that diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, asthma, and other related conditions are highly preventable. So why are most doctors still using the same approach, putting a bandage over the disease rather than treating the root cause?

A 2011 New York Times article discusses that the evidence-based practices many doctors use don’t translate into patients’ day-to-day lives. They end up treating the visible symptoms, but not the cause, leaving a lot of wiggle room for the disease to worsen if preventive measures are not taken. The only person who can make real changes is the patient – no one can force him or her to take action. Some patients do not listen to their doctor’s advice out of stubbornness, but most people simply need more guidance than an insulin injection schedule and a list of dos and don’ts. Evidence-based practices are applied as if humans are robots that can simply make changes on command. This approach negates the importance of bio-individuality – that no one diet fits everyone. It’s hard to make and maintain meaningful changes in your diet and lifestyle without full support from an experienced guide.

How do Health Coaches fit into healthcare? A Health Coach guides you in making gradual changes to your eating habits and lifestyle, which lead to a complete health transformation. Health Coaches may also guide you in eating more delicious, home-cooked food and show you the ropes at your local grocery store, among numerous other services. You don’t have to choose between being sick and eating cardboard-like diet foods. Health Coaches do not teach a one-size-fits-all approach – they learn about your concerns and goals and partner with you in creating a holistic, unique program that will work for you long-term – no quick fixes here!

Many diseases can be partially or fully treated through diet and exercise. That said, you should never go off medication or start a new diet or exercise program without explicit approval from your medical doctor. Doctors and Health Coaches are both needed to help heal and prevent disease and create a healthier, happier society.

Ready to transform your own health and life? Make an appointment for a free consultation today.